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Travis LeDoyt - A Tribute to the King

Friday, January 30, 2015
*Click image to view show video.Ronnis Milsap

He looks like Elvis, sings like Elvis, moves like Elvis, and has the personality of Elvis. “Travis LeDoyt – A Tribute to the King” will be on Friday, January 30, 2015.

Travis was born in 1977 (the year Elvis died). It was evident at an early age that he had the elements necessary to become an entertainer—talent and a love of music. Travis was exposed to a wide variety of musical styles. He began formal piano lessons at age nine. It wasn’t long before he was proficient at playing both piano and guitar, writing his own songs, and singing. That early training and his natural talent have culminated in Travis being one of the most convincing tribute acts to ever grace the stage.

The more Travis got to know more about Elvis and his music, he came to understand why Elvis was dubbed “The King of Rock & Roll.” He played Elvis’s CDs constantly and began to sing along. As Travis matured, he found his voice and appearance were remarkably similar to Elvis. He also found he had a natural ability to move like Elvis, and after his first performance in tribute to Presley, he found the public response to be overwhelming. Since that time, Travis has been selling out shows and receiving accolades from audiences around the world.

This performance is sponsored by Carolina West. 

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